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Mango Mala Gallery

Mango mala is a traditional and vintage Jewellery. This  It is a simple but an all time favorite Jewel for women. Mango Malas are made in different makes and styles to steal every womans heart.  The different types of mango harams are 
1.  Plain Gold with varieties of precious stones mounted and pendants attached
2.  Pachi work 
3.  Diamond Studded
4.  Kundan work
5.  Uncut diamonds embellished   mango mala
6.  Antique look temple Jewellery with Goddess pendants and many other varieties to meet the latest trends
It is a classic jewel which can go well with any women irrespective of the age if matched with perfect earrings and stunning sari. Below are few Ravishing designer class mango mala Jewellery
Mango Mala Gallery

Medium sized four layered mango mala studded with pota rubies in high shine 22 carat yellow gold.  The small mangos connected at the edges are carved giving the long chain that antique and divine look. When paired with simple gold mango design stud with the ruby mounted gives you a complete look.  It Can be worn for any festivals or weddings. It can also be perfect bridal set when paired up with a short gold necklace and heavy jhumkas. It weighs around 108gms.
Mango Mala Gallery
A long sparkling diamond and precious stones  adorned expensive looking mango mala with a mesmerizing two step peacock pendant  attached at the centre with the mango and leaf motifs connected together on both the sides. This pendant’s detailing is so finely made with the precious stones diamond, ruby and emerald adorned in it making  it an eye catcher. The emerald swirls stringed at the edges of the pendant to add to its elegance. The big emeralds studded in between the mangoes of the mala  makes it more special. It would weigh around 168gms.
A stunning diamond studded 18 carat gold medium sized high class neckalce with a two step pendant  gives you that princess look when worn with dark shades of kanchivaram sarees.  Definitely an eye treat for the diamond lovers would weigh around 98gms. The pendant has the gold balls hanging at the ends with a big emerald drop in the centre.  It Can be worn on a wedding or a wedding reception or at the niche parties.  When worn in the night parties its Charisma is doubled.
An exceptional  hand finished uncut diamond short length mango necklace with the flawless making. It weighs around 103gms. Its intricate design with with a two step designer pendant with the unblemished cream shade south sea pearls. This neck piece is embellished with the uncut diamonds,rubies and emeralds. The pendant has a flower with a oval shaped emerald at the centre and the second step has a flower with with a big ruby at the centre with a bunch of creepers around it each one complimenting one another. The Mango clasps  on the either sides of jewellery look like mangoes hanging on a tree with the emeralds studded leaves above them followed by a single line of uncut diamonds at the corners

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