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Trendy Kundan Necklaces

Trendy Kundan Necklaces
A heavy peacock designer piece studded with Pota rubies, polka stones and emeralds short length necklace. This is a traditional and vintage neck piece with the peacock motifs adorned with pota rubies a of different sizes and the polki stones mounted as a peacocks crown and small sized emeralds at the end with the swirls of the unblemished white tiny pearls all over the necklace. Its Unique two step pendant had a flower in the first step with a big oval shaped emeralds and the glittering diamonds around it with two big size peacocks  with an inverted lotus studded with pear shaped emeralds , rubies and the polka stones. The small gold balls are stringed to the edges to enhance its charm. It weighs around 100 gms.
Trendy Kundan Necklaces
All time favorite and definitely a mesmerizing piece of necklace also known as Gutta Pusala Haram. In the olden days our grannys used to have this tied up in silk threads with different designs of motifs. It is now again a trend and makes a fashion statement every time you wear it. It has two rows of flower designed motifs attached alternatively one with the red ruby stones flower and another one with flat diamonds and emerald studded in between and all of these edged with clusters of oval shaped pearls to the three sides of the flower. The main attraction is its two step pendant with big size flower embellished with a big oval shaped emerald at the centre in the first step and the second step has the same flower with a bunch of flowers and creepers around it with the precious stones rubies and diamonds edged with the swirls of the flawless white pearls. The two step guttu pusala  floral earrings goes perfect with the necklace. Its approximate weight would be around 130 gms.

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