Friday, October 24, 2014

Pear Shaped Gold Sets

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Small round clasps and pear shaped clasps combination antique work gold long chain with two step pendant. Lakshmi necklace with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds all over.

Lakshmi Flowers Set by Manepally

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Simple round flowers clasps placed very huge uncut diamond necklace with 22 carat gold. Antique work Lakshmi embellished in the center. Studded with rubies, emeralds all over. Pearls hanging in the bottom.

Peacock Set and Uncut Layers Haram

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Antique finish gold peacock designer short necklace with simple pota rubies and emeralds all over. Two step designer pendant attached in the center.
Five strings chandharam patterned long set with round uncut diamonds. Hanging with pearls in the bottom.

Lakshmi Floral Haram and Necklace

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Triple layer kundan work haram with Lakshmi round cons and kundan flower motifs combination. Round cream color south sea pearl string attached in the center. Paired with Polki kundan designer necklace with gemstones and polki stones.

Madalasa Sharma Diamond Long Set

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South Indian actress Madalasa Sharma wearing heavy diamond long chain with floral clasps and mango clasps intricate pendant. Studded with pear shaped pink ruby in the center. Also, she wears diamond short necklace Paired with huge diamond drops earrings, 2 in 1 huge diamond vaddanam with pearls drops.