Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meena Emerals Long Set

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South Indian actress Meena wearing large emerald drops embellished three step long chain with gold balls and paired with matching antique plain gold jhumkas.

Ruby Multi Haram Jhumkas

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Rubies and round polki diamonds adorned multi strings long chain with 22 carat gold. Paired with gorgeous jhumkas with pearls and diamonds.

Three Layers Spectacular Diamond Set

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22 carat gold broad chain attached three layers rose cut diamonds and rubies adorned necklace with half moon shaped clasps attached across. Studded with colorful faceted cut rubies and brown south sea pearls. Suitable diamond ruby earrings comes with the set.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lavish Diamond Bridal Choker

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Lavish Diamond Bridal Choker
Opulent and lavish wedding jewelry in diamonds and rubies comes with very large 22 carat gold mesh chain at the back for adjustable length. Rose cut diamond and pear shaped cabochon rubies studded bridal attire necklace comes in floral and leafy work theme. Large emerald studded in the center with cream color south sea pearls. Paired with diamonds dazzling earrings.

Light Weight Diamond Lockets by Praveena

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Left: Peacock style designer diamond pendant with 22 carat yellow gold metal. Pear shaped rubies adorned in it with pearls drops. Total weight is 19 grams.
Middle: Rose cut diamonds studded spectacular diamond pendant with emeralds and white color south sea pearls. Total weight is 26 grams designed by Praveena.
Right: Round rubies and very large faceted cut emerald studded diamond pendant with pearls.