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Antique Pachi Work Long Sets

Divine piece of 22 carat gold long chain with a designer Lakshmi pendant is ready to steal the show.  It has a very heavy pendant with a  big size  goddess Lakshmi idol sitting on a lotus engraved on yellow gold along with the elephants on either sides at the top and peacocks at either sides  and a tiger face above Lakshmi Goddess, all of this has the antique finishing  and pear shaped sparkling flat diamonds are adorned around it in a lovely way and to give that feminine touch the royal gold like south sea pearls hanging at the edges. This pendant is joined at the center with a traditional design with a different look. IT has oval shaped flat glittering diamonds with the small sized south sea pearls attached in the inner side and the Lakshmi Kaasu are given a different look unlike oval or round they have been made in mango shape with the goddess Lakshmi engraved on them.  It is paired up with the two step hangings with the diamond studded flower in the first step and Lakshmi motif with pear shaped diamonds around it with a single pearl hanging at the edge.
A very heavy stunning antique gold medium length necklace with a two step pendant attached in the centre. Pendant is joined with two Lotus gold clasps with  an emerald studded on them with it followed bymotifs adorned with polkis, emerald and rubies studded alternatively and a peacock motifs and again the same pattern followed. The first step of the pendant had  has two small sized peacocks engraved in yellow gold with a flower in the centre mounted with a cabochon oval shaped ruby with the sparklion polkis around, the second step has a flower  at the centre in oval shape with a pear shaped ruby in the centre with diamonds embellished. Two big size peacocks around it  with its feathers and a fine art with the round diamonds and the golden south sear pearls edged. The Antique finish gives it a vintage look and when paired with heavy chandbalis will definitely steal the show.

A 22 carat short length antique designer pachi work necklace. It has a heavy two step pendant at the center with a unique design. Pendant has a flower in the middle with a oval shaped cabochon emerald mounted and the flat diamonds studded around it with the antique gold layer and peacocks on either sides with its feathers allover adorned by the round shaped sparkling flat diamonds.  The  second step starts with two peacocks  and attached to it is the pear shaped flower with rubies and big size pear shaped flat diamonds below it.This pendant is attached at the center with two diamonds and ruby embellished motifs and the peacock motifs next to them. To add to its beauty the yellow gold balls are attached to the edges with the pearl swirls along with them. This center piece is joined to a single line of flat sparkling diamonds with the leaves dropping alternatively to them. When paired with the chandbalis it would give a royal look.

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