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Pearls Taar Mala Designs Gallery

Pearls Taar Mala Designs Gallery
Pearls Taar Mala Designs Gallery
1. Very delicate, sleek and thin Netted work patterned broad pearls necklace or taar mala with 22 carat gold. Small white basara pearls bunches netted with gold chain comes in four rows with clusters. When the rows are combined together the necklace looks huge and royal. Large emerald drops edged throughout the necklace add more elegance to the set. The necklace will make you adorable and great piece of necklace for grand occasions too. Affordable and light weight, approx weight is 34 grams.
2. Left: Many pearls strings intricately carved huge latest Taar Mala with gold clasps and the necklace merged in the edges with Two large south sea pearls and emerald drops strings.
Right: Two gold color round south sea pearls strings combined designer beads haram and blood rubies beads string comes in between of two pearls strings, which is merged with two antique Lakshmi gemstone motifs.
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