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2 Step Kasulaperu Designs

2 Step Kasulaperu Designs
Kaasu Mala or Kaasula Peru is a pure south indian tradition which our grand-mothers  and mothers would sure have one in their collection.This model has become a trend once again in the past few years, giving the designers use their utmost creativity on it.This 2-layer kaasu mala is an extended version where the the kaasu edges were lined-up with tiny gold dust beads giving it a  fulllook. The giant  size pendant added to the right side with chakra design fully studded with the everlasting diamonds,rubies with pears edged around it, making it 2 designs in one set.
Jhumkas are of this set are stunningly crafted with trendy chaand-baali version paired with diamonds,pearls to match the kaasu-mala.
2 Step Kasulaperu Designs
This mesmerizing design of kaasulaperu is a definitely a favourite of those who love to blend both tradition and modern in their jewellery collection. The regular kaasu mala  is given a wide design variation with layers of uncut diamonds . One of the layers crafted with the sizzling uncut diamonds and ruby emerald combination,where the other line has floral uncut-ruby-emerald design .
The third layer with stamped lakshmi kaasu coins paired up with uncut diamonds is a totally heavy set ,where it has two uncut diamonds  designer peacock pendants on either sides to enhance it's beauty and get a grand look to the design .As specified this traditional modern kaasu mala is a best to go with half sarees and trendy clothing , and ofcourse with the beautiful kanjeevarams and tradition meets tradition.
2 Step Kasulaperu Designs
There are numerous versions in Kaasu-mala ,but this one with 5-layers gives you  all in one feeling and a layered haram look. An extended version of simple kaasu-mala , this was crafted with round-ruby paired with kaasu, Pear shaped emerald , shallow gold balls in two  different layers finally with  a layer of Laksmi kaasu . The Idea of dual peacock pendants studded with rubies and emeralds  on both the sides gives a extra-fabulous look to this set. Perfectly goes well with kanjeevarams  or  Uppada outfits Special mention to  the kaasu variety which is not an embossed one but a 3-D look  kaasu, showing the little details on it very clearly.

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