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Pachi Work Long Chains

Pachi Work Long Chains
Pachi work is one of the delicate and artistic creation in the Jewellery makings. Its detailed artistry and and the unique designing  of pachi work is assembling of contrast stones in a single design. These designs are highly traditional, attractive and is fully a hand crafted jewel unlike others
A gorgeous medium length polkis studded necklace, which is called pachi jewellery with a heavy pendant attached at the centre. Its design is a simple and a classic one. It has the mango thoranam ( the mango leaves) with the small sized gold look alike south sea pearls mounted to the inner side throught out the necklace following a lovely pattern. Coming to the pendant it has aflower at the centre with the oval shaped ruby and polkis around with two elephant shaped motifs joined by a flower and the pendant is edged with the big size south sea pearls once again giving that divine look to the neck piece. If we look carefully this handcrafted jewel has been a perfect finishing which gives it that expensive look to the necklace. It also has very tiny pota rubies used as eyes of the elephant and the centre of the flower. It would weigh approximately around 80gms.
Pachi Work Long Chains
A stunning piece of Medium length pachi work necklace. AS pachi work is known for its uniqueness the designers have put in all the favorites of a women. Its design says it all where  it has a peacock,a mango design, a flower and of course the pendant which looks like sparkling Sun with the pearls as rays of the sun.  It is adorned with all the precious polka stones, rubies, emeralds and the flawless south sear pearls. Its two step unique designer pendant is an attention grabbing piece of design the first step has two peacocks studded with polkis and an oval shaped emerald and in the second step it is a lustrous flower with a big size oval shaped faceted ruby at the centre with the polkis as its petal and then a round of gold cut line giving it the shine and another round of polkis again with the cream colored  pearls edged around the. Also the attention grabbing polkis studded as leaves to the either sides after the  peacock, mango and lotus motifs are attached.
Pachi Work Long Chains
This is a medium length peacock designer necklace with a a heavy two step pendant. IT has peacock and flower motifs joined alternatively with the big size peacocks adjacent to the centre pendant all embellished with the polka stones, rubies and emeralds. The two step pendant has a flower with a faceted ruby at the centre and polka stones mounted around to the flowers and the creepers with the rich south sea pearls embedded at the centre towars inside and outside near the peacocks. The second step has the Goddess Lakshmi at the centre in gold with the flowers and creepers studded with polkis with the small gold balls and a south sea pearl at the centre. Its fine finishing makes it an asset to the one who wears making a fashion statement.

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