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Types Of Kasulaperu Designs

Famous and traditional evergreen jewelry of South India is Kasulaperu also called kasu mala. They have recently become trendy and making in different styles. In olden days The kasu mala only they made with pure gold Lakshmi coins plain chain. But now a days this design making with all kind of stones and antique finish pendants, even in diamonds too. It's one of the jewelry never go out of fashion, stays with you many generations. 
The goddess Lakshmi coins strung together, Which is very auspicious. It is very popular and favorite jewelry for all ages, even for kids.
Have a look at these types of Kasu mala  designs.
Types Of Kasulaperu Designs
Simple round Lakshmi kasu edged precious gemstones and uncut diamonds studded unique yet trendy long chain with dual peacock and Lakshmi embossed pendant.
Types Of Kasulaperu Designs

This necklace is choker style with gold swirls highlighting at the tops and leafy stye mango motif added more elegant look the set, accompanied by suitable earrings. Suitable for kids too.
Types Of Kasulaperu Designs
Large kasu coins attached temple pattern short necklace with pota rubies row at the top and butter fly, peacocks viewing antique pendant. Studded with small rubies and diamonds. Round kundan motifs placed on the edges.
Types Of Kasulaperu Designs
 Emerald stones highlighting long kasu mala with 22 carat gold and American diamonds, pota rubies studded simple pendant attached in the center with matching simple earrings.
Types Of Kasulaperu Designs
It's heavy look kasu mala with alternate colorful gemstones at the top row of the set and the size of kasu is very due the grandness of the occasion and ancient style of the jewelry. I think it's weight more than 120 grams.

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