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Types Of Vaddanam Designs

                                          Top designs of vaddanam
India has a rich tradition of art which can be viewed in jewellery too. There is jewel to adorn every body part. Vaddanam or waist belt is popular jewellery from South India. The gold Vaddanam is a compulsory ornament worn on special traditional events and weddings. In South India it is also known as odiyanam, kamar patta, vadyanam, kamarband and ottiyanam. These days we can buy waist belts in 56 grams and up in different designs.
Motifs and special features of vaddanam
As like the south Indian temple jewelry the well-known motifs are goddess Lakshmi, Mango, peacock and elephant. Vadyanam made as broad plain 22kt belt with Nakshi Goddess swanked with other theme characters looks antique. Uncut diamond, rubies, emerald and polka studded adds color to glitter of gold in modern designs. South sea pearls hanging from the outlines gives elegance to it.
Below are the top designs of vaddanam from South India:
Contemporary Diamond vaddanam- The design ranges from sleek diamond chain to diamond and emerald crown. It is beautifully crafted in 18kt, use of precious color stones and diamonds make it much expensive than plain gold vaddanam.
contemporary diamond vaddanam
contemporary diamond vaddanam

contemporary diamond vaddanam
contemporary diamond vaddanam

Types Of Vaddanam Designs
Types Of Vaddanam Designs
Royal Kundan vaddanam- Revisit the era with Kundan studded vaddanam. It is a lavish assortment made in 24kt. The medium broad waist ornament is delicate. Peacock and floral designs are the leading patterns in Kundan vaddanam. Gold balls hanging down the belt enhance gorgeousness of the ensemble.
Types Of Vaddanam Designs
kundan vaddanam designs
Thin Chain vaddanam- These days chain design is very popular with fashionable young women. It is lightweight and easy to carry. More likely to be worn with sarees. The flexibility of this style makes it easy to store.
Uncut diamond vaddanam- The unedited luxury of uncut diamonds with faceted clean emerald or ruby pear shape is incredible. The carved vaddanam dazzle with the blend of sparkling diamond and gleaming gold. Little gold peeking under the diamonds is charismatic.
Antique Coin Kamarpatta- This is also a flexible representation of traditional kasu design. It is not very wide and light in weight. The red, green and black dori is used which not only furnish suppleness to the accessory but also show off a unique colorful style.

 Temple style vaddanam- Temple Jewelry, the pride of South India inspired vaddanam designs are classic. This is a half chain design. The goddess badge in the center and peacock motifs is studded with small rubies. Red and green crimp beads are minute packets of joy bundled to this vaddanam design.
Creative 2 in 1 vaddanam design- The craftsmen are getting creative to satiate desire of experimental women. If a jewelry piece can be worn in variety of ways the women can never get bored with it. South Indian gold jewelry is an art. A 2 in 1 vaddanam can be alternatively worn as long chain.

Gold Ruby Bridal waist belt- Special 22kt yellow gold embellished ottiyanam for brides is made super rich with rubies, polki and emerald.

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