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Top 10 Designs by P Satyanarayana Jewellers

Jewelry is one of the most favorite possessions with every woman. Their love for the designer masterpieces in jewelry is aimed at adding a touch of extra beauty to the overall looks. In fact, the jewelry from the house of P. Sathyanarayana is incredible that should not be missed by any individual. Being a producer of qualitative designs, this jeweler is said to create masterpieces without doubt. Stunning and exquisite are the right words to explain about the magnificence of jewelry designed by them. Each piece is immaculately crafted with prominence over fineness.
Beautiful earring designed in the peacock pattern and decorated with diamonds as well as pearls, this is a masterpiece in itself. Of course, triple layered jhumki attached at the end of earring makes it more elegant.
It is a Pachi work beautiful necklace that seems to be designed authentically for adding glamour to the appeal of its wearer. In fact, this is a perfect combination of choker and necklace design that gets traditional touch with peacock art. Use of emerald, ruby, pearls and Kundan with finely crafted peacocks has made it a spectacular masterpiece.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when they are marvelously shaped into necklace; then, it stands to be the first choice. This is a beautifully crafted diamond necklace spread extensively to cover the neckline and has been decorated with emeralds as well as rubies too.
Richly crafted with a traditional mango design and gold patterns, this necklace set is beyond any appreciation. Indeed, it is a masterpiece that holds emerald, ruby, pearls and semi-precious stones with much finesse.
Beautifully spread across the neckline and richly crafted in the finest diamonds with two rubies in the middle, this choker necklace has the tendency to grab immediate attention. Being an exclusive design of P. Sathyanarayana Jewellers, it is a must buy.
It is a long necklace designed with golden beads and small mango shaped pieces. The thick string is joined to a beautiful pendant articulated in Kundan style and decorated with emerald as well as golden beads at the end.
Exclusive bridal jewelry comprising long neck, middle as well as short necklace sets, Papidi billa, armlets (vanki), and waist band (vaddanam) with temple art design has the penchant to beautify a bride without doubt.
 Standing to be the finest blend of stone and temple art jewelry, this double stranded necklace is simply picturesque. Lending a royal touch to the appeal, it is designed with pink and green semi-precious stones with a touch of gold coins bearing goddess Lakshmi in between.
 Spectacularly designed long necklace, it stands out to be a traditional design developed with a cluster of small and medium sized golden beads. The beauty of the necklace gets enhanced with stone studded pendant attached to it. Use of emerald, ruby and golden bead has lent it a unique touch.

About P. Satyanarayana & Sons Jewellers
P. Satyanarayana Jewellers is a place to buy authentic south Indian jewelry. The jewelry house continues to carry the legacy that India is known for in its elegant ornaments. Wide variety of intricate patterns in gold and diamond provide diverse choice to make.
 The store is located in posh Jubliee Hills area of Hyderabad.
Whatsapp: +91 76809 44450

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