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South Indian Bridal Jewellery

Marriage is the most beautiful occasion that takes place in a girl’s life. And to make it more beautiful, the bride tries all the things that makes her look like extremely attractive. A bride want picture perfect look for her on this big day and make everyone’s jaw drop. Undoubtedly the bride focuses more on her bridal dress but the bridal dress will only give the impression of being excellent if it is teamed up with perfectly matching jewellery otherwise the whole look of the bride may fade, causing it to be a fashion disaster.
No matter which state the bride belongs to, she looks extremely elegant on her big day but today we will talk about the south Indian brides and how they stand out their bridal look with the bridal South Indian jewelry

South Indian people are simple people with a loving heart and this quality of them is clearly revealed in their jewelry.

The above shown Bridal accessory is stylishly outlined using high review dots and stones in strict consistence with the most recent form patterns. The colourful gems are enhancing the beauty of this necklace. Moreover, this jewel piece is completely representing the splendour of south Indians. The designing done on the necklace is neither too heavy nor too light. It is ticking all the right boxes and it will charm the south Indian brides.

Since the tide has turned and coins have been trending quite a lot, the use of coin fashion is also being seen in the bridal jewelry these days. Women who love going parallel with the latest fashion trends will never commit a mistake by refusing this marvellously designed coin fashioned jewelry for their wedding. This necklace goes perfectly with a bridal saree and that is why it is the most preferred option by the south Indian brides.

This elegantly designed heavy two- piece necklace. This necklace will be fairly thoughtful if you don’t want to wear more than one necklace. This necklace is actually not attached but it comes with in a combination of two; the choker style necklace and a long piece. It is embellished with matching stones and the golden pearls give it a complete classy look.
Antique jewelry is the ones that never go out of fashion and so you will find one in the south Indian style. The antique haram is an exceptional jewelry that you will only find in south India.

This antique haram is a long bridal neck piece which is often teamed up with a short neck piece habitually having a similar pattern. Since south Indian brides wear saree on their wedding, this antique haram augments the look of the bride with its fine, delicate design.

The haram is mostly found in gold but even the use of diamonds and colourful stones makes it appear very refined like this choker and mango malai.

Hope you try these beautiful jewelleries and shine brightly on your big day.

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