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Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces

Necklace enhances the beauty of neck and when it is puligoru necklaces by SRJ Fine Jewellery and Nikitha Linga, no one can take their eyes off. Puligoru the clawed design is traditional jewelry from south India. Further to make it more excellent these are studded with uncut jewels, ruby, emerald and pearls from the south sea. Here are the latest designs from the maestro.
Heavy worked puligoru necklace

Studded with rubies, emeralds, flat diamonds & what not, this unique, stylish traditional puligoru necklace is a handmade product designed by SRJ Fine Jewellery. The bottom layer contains peacock design which typically represents the image of South India.
Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces
The puligoru pachhi haram necklace
This puligoru haram necklace is decorated with rubies, emeralds & diamonds while the bottom layer of the necklace is adorned with south sea pearls giving it a complete traditional look. The combination of the shades used; white, green & magenta, on the base of golden makes it an attractive piece.
Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces
The kundan puligoru haram set
This beautiful necklace is highly designed using almost every decorative material to give it a perfect south Indian touch. The long haram necklace is made using Kundan and the beautiful craftsmanship is so evident that anyone will give an aww expression by looking at it for the first time. The fine, delicate cut work in the middle of the pendant with diamonds studded in it adds much spice to its whole look. The pearls & beads at the bottom of the pendant are adding a lot of grace to this haram set.
Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces
The antique puligoru necklace
Antique styled long puligoru necklace is a perfect accessory that you can pair with your sarees. This beautiful necklace has a spectacular feel. Heavy embellishments make it versatile; it can go flawlessly with any traditional attire you wear. The use of uncut diamonds with a touch of the small magenta gem in middle of the pendant is enough to make it shine the whole evening. Necklace’s appeal is further enhanced by the pearls. This necklace would have not been this beautiful if a layered bold chain have not been attached to it. The concept of teaming it with multiple chains is just the right thing for this striking necklace.
Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces
Traditional puligoru necklace
The beautiful pachhi puligoru necklace displayed below has everything that a traditional puligoru necklace should contain. This elegant necklace has fine-looking, fragile cut work decorated with diamonds and rubies of contrasting hues which will manage to take everyone’s eyes on the stalk. This necklace has a pendant which has the uniquely designed cut work and is studded with uncut diamonds at one end giving it a trendy feel. The trunk shaped designs are present at the outer layer of the necklace ruling over the delicate inner layer. These trunks are adorned with small & big sized diamonds. This necklace will be perfect for the south Indian brides in view of the fact that it feels like heavy bridal jewelry.
Top 5 Puligoru Necklaces

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