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Pachi Necklace by Bajrang Jewellers

Pachi Necklace by Bajrang Jewellers
Large attractive flat diamonds and pearls adorned three layer pachi necklace with center row decorated with emerald beads and large size diamonds, emeralds studded pendant merged in the center of the necklace.
This beautiful necklace is from Bajrang Pershad Jewellers.

Bajrang Pershad Jewellers have come up with a Large attractive design of diamonds and pearls which is basically adorned in  three layer of pachi necklace.

There is also a central row which is all made up of  emerald beads with large size diamonds. What makes it look extremely amazing is the presence of emeralds  that are studded  in the pendant.

For all those people who have even the slightest of interest in the emerald work. they would surely love this diamond set which is all different from the traditional gold sets and holds a lot of value!

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