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Gold Beads Antique Haar Designs

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Although these days there are a variety of different kinds of necklaces, nothing can replace the actual Gold Beads Antique Haar Designs which are ever lasting and ever glowing. Haars are a great idea to be given in a wedding to the bride and if you are looking for some great new designs for the genre of Haars in gold, here are three new designs we have for you. Check them out.

In the first image you can see a every beautiful long haar that starts with the designs gold five pieces which is then connected to a white floral design at both sides that further is connected with half moon gold design. It is then connected to 5 strings of mala with similar gold balls attached in a sequence in each thread.

The second Gold Beads Antique Haar Design we have is the one with the peacock design at the sides of the Haar. The presence of Peacock is an added thing for peacock jewelry lovers. The six string gold balls haar also have a major 7th thread of big size gold design that runs in parallel to the 6 strings.

The last one, as you can see has an extensive work of gold been done. the Haar starts with the concentrated gold rectangles at each side of the haar with beautiful and antique look. the six strings of gold balls are then attached in a sequence to give the look of a traditional haar.

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