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Small Beads Multi Strings Long Sets

Small Beads Multi Strings Long Sets

Pearls long chain, beads long chain, beads jewellery with Three Bunches of floral design having red small beads, a round central pendant of gold circle with gold balls hanging at the bottom

Small beads long multi strings sets are always manage to be in fashion for their prominence among the female fans all over the world. what makes the Small Beads Multi Strings Long Sets most liked is the precise and compact look they give in general.

We have with us, three awesome designs today that you can choose for yourself if you are looking for multi threaded long chains. Have a look!

In the first picture, you can see Three Bunches of floral design at the left side that are further connected by the multi-threaded long beads with red small beads, all put in together to give a beautiful look. The best part about this long chain is the volume that these multiple threads give that makes the long chain look broad as well.

 In the second picture, you can see very delicate and stylish long chain for the people who are looking forward to have something with the small beads work along with the pearls attached to them. The set starts with the three  string attached in parallel with red small beads attached to one another that finally connect with three threads having pearls attached in series. Having pearls attached in every thread. Further the big chain is then connected with a round central pendant of gold circle with gold balls hanging at the bottom.

The last one here is a complete set having two matching earrings also. the plain gold design at both sides in the start is used to give the long chain its required height after which the multi string small beads work is there. both sides join up with an single big emerald in between which is then connected with a central pendant, also made of small beads.

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