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Black Rhodium Finish Diamond Pendants

Rare Black Rhodium Finish Designer Diamond Pendants

The jewellers which are made up of rhodium elements are quite rare.

The finish of black rhodium element in our diamond pendant sets, which have a unique style, is nothing but simply gorgeous. The designer of this beautiful black rhodium finish diamond pendant took every measure to make these diamond pendant sets into a masterpiece.

Constructional Analysis Of Black Rhodium Finish Diamond Pendants

For now, we have three images to analyze of our pendant sets. Each pendant set has a great design, which completely matches with today’s trend.

Analyzing the first pendant set from the left;

• This pendant set has three sections, in it's each pendant and earrings.
• If we talk about the first section of our pendant, we see a lovely outer section fencing the middle section of pendant.
• The second or middle section of our pendant is quite distinctive. It has beautiful curves which connects elegantly to the central rectangular shape of pendant. The border of this rectangular shape is covered by tiny shining diamonds.
• At the top left corner of pendant set, the diamonds are beautifully molded into Chinese fan like shape.

Analyzing the second pendant set;

• The second pendant set also has three sections.
• The upper section of this pendant set has a rectangular shape bordering many little diamonds, which connects to the middle section of pendant.
• The middle section of this pendant set has some very appealing strings. These strings curves to the left and right sides to connect with the upper section.
• The lower section of this diamond pendant have diamonds and gold, which hangs down to the bottom unreservedly.

Analyzing the third pendant set;

• The third pendant set is aligned into two sections, each beautifully clung into each other and crafted in a very imaginative way.
 •The upper section of this black rhodium finish diamond pendant set have flower like structure. The leaves of this flower shape have diamonds in it’s center.
• The whole lower section has many tiny diamonds in it, which connects with the upper section in an elegant way. The bottom of this section have pearls to the end.

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