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Diamond Earrings by Talwar Sons Jewellers

Three Stylish Diamond Earrings by Talwar Sons Jewellers

Talwarsons jewellers is a name of an infamous and a well-established designer jewelers. Their collection of jewellery are well renowned in India. There designs are Stylish, well sophisticated, trendy, in short phenomenal in every aspect.

Continuing the legacy of making great jewellery designs, Talwarsons jewelers presents, these three fantastic diamond earrings of different styles.

These diamond earrings are more of a party style. It certainly increases the beauty of a person who wears it.

Constructional Analysis Of Diamond Earrings by Talwar Sons Jewellers

All these diamond earrings are styled in such a way that they are made to match the most recent and trendy designs.

Important points of detail to note from the first image.

It has two sections which are beautifully aligned.
The upper section has a rectangle shape of tiny diamonds. The center of this diamond earring has diamonds managed with perfect creativity.
The lower section has a big oval shape, whose border has tiny diamonds. In the center, there are many tiny diamonds with the like of apple seed.

Important points of detail to note from the second image.

The lower end curves to the upper end in a simple yet elegant way.
Many tiny diamonds are clung into both sides of a string shape.

Important points of detail to note from the third image.

The third diamond earrings are quite similar in design to the first diamond earrings.
It has three sections. The upper section has tiny diamonds in the shape of apple seeds which are clung to each other in the most inventive way.
The middle section has curves, which expands to the left and right sides.
The lower section has tiny diamonds clung to each other similar to the upper section.

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