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Tiger Claw Pendants for Adults and Kids

Tiger Claw Pendants for Adults and Kids

As we know tiger is known for its tremendous energy and power.

The implementation of tiger claws in the Indian jewellery is present for a quite long time.

Like previous designs, these three pendants consisting of tiger claws are very distinct in glance. These pendants can be wear by both; adults and kids.

Analyzing the first image from the left;

It has three sections.

The upper part has a leaf like design, which has a emerald stone  in the midst of it, surrounding by many rose cut diamonds.

The central part of this pendant is aesthetically connected to the top, by two dancing peacocks

It has an artifact tiger claw, which has many exquisite diamonds placed in quintessential alignments.

The lower section has a beautiful finish, which concludes this pendant majestically.

With having half circle of diamonds, this section ends with gold balls around its curve.

 second image;

This pendant is rather small in size as compared to the previous pendant, but it has a complete beauty even in such a tiny space.

Pendant is in one piece altogether. The top of this pendant has diamonds, which are spread all over its proportion.

The bottom has a tiger claw which is its signature depiction. In the end, a gem is connected to the bottom to fill up the empty area in an impressive way.

Third Image:

This pendant is much similar to our second pendant except that the shape in which diamonds are kept is different.

It has a pearl which hangs to its bottom.

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