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Diamond and antique sets by Bhavani Jewellers

In this modern time, there are a lot of people who are still into the vintage collection with antiqueness to it. The archaic vibe is still very prevalent among people and are recycled in a fusion way in order to blend with the modern style but still rooted to reminiscence the beauty of history.

You'd be wondering why are we celebrating history in this post. There's a reason that you will make out by looking at the collections showcased in this post.

The designs are from Bhavani Jewellers wherein they are going with a vintage theme brought about from diamond sets. The collection has 4 different set of neckpieces that defines elegance and beauty in their own little way. Let's have a look

Diamond and antique sets by Bhavani Jewellers

The trendy Chandbali style Laxmi necklace

The Chandbali has green bead drops hanging around the choker set with pendants in Kundan work. It has a certain richness that paves it way long back to the Rajput wives during that era.

Diamond and antique sets by Bhavani Jewellers

It has a pattern of nakshi work with Lakshmi carved within the center of chandbalis giving it a very traditional touch. The meenakari work has a netted themed going with a little number of studded diamonds, in a more simplistic approach. 

Diamond and antique sets by Bhavani Jewellers

Lightweight Pachi necklace 
The pachi work necklace is a unique amalgamation of pink rubies, green emerald with gold and diamonds woven around them intricate artworks. The rounded pearl beads used as drops towards the bottom has a flavor of the vintage self-made ornaments worn by the ethnic tribal groups. There is a certain rawness to the design yet it completes within itself. The golden bird shaped dividers between the diamond surrounded stones also put the necklace in a certain perspective.

Diamond and antique sets by Bhavani Jewellers

Flat diamond ruby beads necklace

This one is the star of this collection. It is meant to swoon you from your feet with its elegant combination of colors to form a special artwork. The necklace is basically a spread of three corners- pendant and the either ends with huge green emeralds augmented in surrounded by a sleek diamond layout. with a droplet of pink ruby to complement the color. The combination of rubies and emeralds can never go wrong.

The thin chain that joins the pendant is tiny red beads joined together in 2 layers bordered with a layer of diamond. The pendant at the center boasts of some craftsmanship because of the sleek and stylist badge-like design. 

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