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Latest Jewellery from Shukratej Jewellers

Women who like to stay up to date with the new trends know what is new and refreshing as they prefer picking up the latest trends from the market and already have an exceptional collection. To help you keep updates here are the latest trends.

Today, we have a collection showcased by Shukratej Jewellers- The designs are owned by various patterns and styles of traditional as well as ethnic jewelleries on a gold base with green emeralds playing their magic to create a contrast. They are out of the box and tend to be extravagant to make up to the list of new trends in the market 

Latest Jewellery from Shukratej Jewellers

The most essential of all in a brides closet is a long necklace also traditionally called the rani haar. It's long, and broader in design and overall gives a very heavy yet elegant look. This one is on those lines. The heavy pendant located right at the center is so dreamy in its intricate diamond setting with green bead drops. The green emerald is the heart of the entire look that is responsible for the charm you feel through this artwork. 

Latest Jewellery from Shukratej Jewellers

This can be mostly labeled as a wedding look due to its elaborate usage of stones and diamonds carved within intricate sharp woven-style designs. It is a 
Nizami style choker necklace that looks like an inverted tiara. It is studded with flat diamonds with green emeralds. The green bead drops extend the length of the choker graciously. 

Latest Jewellery from Shukratej Jewellers

The last one is based around the theme of a huge rock surrounded by a designed pattern. Green emerald, being the center of attraction here, is glazed by a sleek design woven around with diamond studs on it. A similar pattern is followed in the earrings making it sense into a complete set It reminds us of a fusion working over the classic style ladies used to love wearing. Especially the south sea pearls adorned on the neckpiece reminisces the 90's in the most classic way, keeping up with today's trend too.

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