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Heavy Jhumkas Colletion by PMJ

Heavy Jhumkas Colletion by PMJ

One piece of jewelry that just changes how a persons face throws the persona is by no doubt the earrings. Be it any kind of earrings they have such a drastic effectual change on somebody face that it is so very surprising. And also different kind of earring piece has a different way of changing the personality a face shows. Like, the jhumkas, they tend to accentuate the face and make it look more of Indian traditional and pushes the look towards ethnicity. 

That is why a lot of men prefer to have a pair of jhumkas in their collection and a lot of them already do in various kinds. Similarly, the junk jewelry trend is also observing a lot of additions in term of jhumka earrings. 

The reason why we are stressing so much on jhumka is like you already have noticed this heavy jhumka collection from PMJ Jewellers. They are presenting their designs through this post and boasting the variety they showcase with their boutique. Let's one by one have a look at each of them. 

Heavy Jhumkas Colletion by PMJ

The gold-based jhumka has a very kundan feel to it mostly because of its hard design structure. It is an entire scape of gold with Laxmi design over it studded with flat diamonds and hints of color from ruby stone and a green emerald bead hanging from the bottom of the jhumka. It is a long jhumka with three layers interlinked with each other. The topmost one is the stud with a floral pattern followed by a circular shape pattern ending on the golden top jhumka. 

The splash of colors that these meena work jhumkas enfold is in a variety that looks quite aesthetic and bold. Let's discover this jhumka in a vertical fashion from top to bottom. Firstly, the studs are an amalgamation of green emeralds put together in a round manner with a hint of gold and diamond. It then follows to a few small rice beads leading to a south sea pearl. From there it leads on to a peacock design that is in a mix of purple and pink shade and the wings in gold and diamond. The bottom-most layer is a drop jhumka fully in gold with carvings of designs on it. 

Heavy Jhumkas Colletion by PMJ

The entire jhumka has a very subtle feel to it mostly because of the simple design and the most usage of whites in the form of elements used to craft this jhumka. The entire jhumka is filled with cut diamond embellishments matched with rice pearls dropping from two layers. The white matches well with beige from the south sea pearls hanging over the studs. If there is some color that falls on to our eyes then it is the green beads and the pink ruby in slightest hints. 

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