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Poonam Kaur Showcasing Diamond Bridal Sets

Poonam Kaur Showcasing Diamond Bridal Sets

The bridal seasons is quite important for especially the brides to be. It is the time when the anxiety kicks in because there are so many decisions to make it a perfect occasion otherwise it might end up in a turmoil. Thus, woman especially is more excited and involved in this. 

For a bride, mix and match are necessary to make your wedding trousseau exciting and to have variety in it. Because, if you store in the same kind of jewelry you will face the wrath of picking out pieces that look different every time. And we surely know that you don't want to get the feeling of not able to distinguish one from the other.
Poonam Kaur Showcasing Diamond Bridal Sets

Poonam Kaur recently visited a boutique and showcased a collection of trendy bridal sets that one can go and look for if they are looking for exquisite stylized pieces. The collection is inspired by the trends and were all based of diamonds. 

After all, diamonds are meant to look glitzy and add some glamour to your final look. Here, you can see her presenting one of the pieces that is heavy and elaborate in its own setup. 

Poonam Kaur Showcasing Diamond Bridal Sets

The piece is a combination of a choker necklace and an amalgamation with a decently long necklace. The other set also showcased in the picture is on the similar lines in terms of matching up 2 pieces to form a complete bridal set. 

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers. 

The work is very notable and commendable in the sense that the design reeks of elegance and exuberance. The entire bridal set is so glitzy in nature with all the augmented diamonds and structures on it that it is difficult to skip on it 

Poonam Kaur Showcasing Diamond Bridal Sets
The choker necklace is a wide band of scape fully covered with diamonds over the design work that is observed on it. It is pretty in the sense that even though it is too heavy in the design coverage it does not seem to be overdone or too much. The entire piece is made as such that it defines grandeur and royalty keeping in mind to follow the fine line between flashiness and exclusivity.  

The long chain is also in a similar pattern and combination with the choker. The pendant that follows through the well-designed chain has a pink ruby stone jaded on it right in the center that breaks the diamond run through and adds a pop of color to the otherwise diamond stoned necklace. 

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