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Brides in Rich and Grandeur Diamond Sets

Real brides know how to marvelously detail out their look with utmost unique pieces and what makes them answer a lot of questions regarding what and from where have they adorned the exquisite piece of jewelry. Alluring to the max, these days brides have been popularly picking up diamond sets to chalk out their looks. 

Diamonds as an element are so strong in their appearance and look the best in any and whatever design they are formulated into. The collection in this post is also about brides in their best of grand diamond sets in their big fat Indian wedding. 
Brides in Rich and grandeur Diamond Sets

Enriched with exclusivity and some precious stones, the first set is an amalgamation of a bold choker spread, broad in its size perfectly matched with a long necklace.  The choker is observed to follow the American jewel trend which is basically a net patterned layout of sparkling diamond stones closely attached to each other making it a stiff choker. 

The necklace also has a similar layout pattern covered with a string of diamonds. The specialty of both the pieces is the white finish that it has with hints of color through ruby stones and green emerald stones studded on the choker and the long necklace. 

Brides in Rich and grandeur Diamond Sets

Diamond jewelry is known for its richness and the royal aura it provides when paired up with any kind of outfit. The next picture has a beautiful bride in a Kanjeevaram saree subtly mix-matched with the jewelry that has a gold finish paired up with white layout jewelry. 

It is an experiment that one would think twice before even giving it a thought. But the gold spread of long necklace with pink beads contrasts really well with the diamond layered choker with emerald stones in between. The diamond waistbelt is also white-based and has a mix of diamond and green emerald stone setting. 

Brides in Rich and grandeur Diamond Sets

The first one observed a white layout completely while the second one was a mix of both. The celebrity style in the last picture has sets which are gold-based with diamonds embedded in the designs. The fusion of gold and diamond in each of the pieces from the set looks elegant and extremely beautiful. It also has colored stones embedded on the design covers that brings a tint of color in between the gold and diamond hues. 

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