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Kundan Necklaces from Vajra Jewelry

If you are somebody partial to Kundan work and the richness the Kundan pieces exhibit, today's collection is curated for the likes of you. The beauty of Kundan lies in the distinguished craftsmanship it displays and the kind of cultural parity is adorns through its designs.

The traditional kundan pieces are from Vajra jewelry, the specialty of these sets are explained by the color pattern and the embellishment of stones used in curating this marvelous choker and mid-length pieces. Because chokers can never go wrong and it is loved by almost everybody. Especially if they are Kundan chokers then the authenticity multiplies by folds.

\Kundan necklaces from Vajra Jewelry

Kundan is overtly popular to give the pleasure to feel royal and remarks a sense of grandeur. Unveiling the Kundan heritage collection from this prestigious boutique, it has once again proven the epitome of class and sensibilities through these designs

Each distinctive of one another, but in line with the theme of 'Kundan Heritage'.  The striking of all is the multi-layered choker plus long neckpiece. The long elaborate designs of latkans falling through this drop-down necklace is in variance with a tight 2  layer choker piece.

Kundan necklaces from Vajra Jewelry

The jewelry game goes according to the occasion and the style you plan to put together. If royal classic is your style then this is your pick. The entire choker theme-driven neck piece is a straight hard based piece covered as a landscape filled with pink rubies all over it. It balances the overpowering pink ruby by combining it with green emerald, diamond beads with drop beads at the bottom of the piece.

Kundan necklaces from Vajra Jewelry

Like we said before that the pieces we are going to talk about are only the one that will stand out, this is an addition to just what we are trying to say. By looking at the piece you come to know of its uniqueness in regards to the make and design aesthetics. The flat diamond layering over the golden base is broken with a contrasting sapphire blue beads blocks going around the piece. It is popular for the dynamic colors and layout it has. 

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