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925 Silver Heavy Kundan Chandbalis

Gold jewelry is definitely a possession that one can own to pair them up with their dresses and keep it as an investment in the long run. Though, it is difficult to use them for your everyday wear. They might just wear off soon and you stand at the risk of losing them with the rough use. Thus, nowadays you have silver metal jewelry having a gold polish on it that made it seem to be real jewelry but is rather a sturdy one. 

This collection is all about the 9.25 plated silver jewelry with beautiful designs and colored beads embellished onto it. It includes silver metal Heavy Kundan Chandbalis. 

925 Silver Heavy Kundan Chandbalis

The first one is a very classy yet exquisite defining earrings set with gold balls at the bottom and a Chandbali structure embedded in emerald stones, diamond look semi precious kundan and ruby embellished structures around it.

It's an amalgamation of so many colorful precious stones that makes these earrings stand out in its grace and the stark look it carries. 

925 Silver Heavy Kundan Chandbalis
The silver-based chandbalis filled semi precious red kundan has a very broad feel to it mostly because of its design structure. It is an entire scape of cut kundan with  emerald over it studded with flat diamonds and hints of color from the ruby stone. It is a long peacock earring with peacocks merging into one design with three layers interlinked with each other. 

925 Silver Heavy Kundan Chandbalis

The earrings have golden beads at the bottom as a part of the design structure and beads at the bottom as hanging drop downs. The earrings have embedded green kundan over the earrings. There are green emerald stones and kundan placed on the beautiful chandbali design that brings a tinge of color to the piece.

925 Silver Heavy Kundan Chandbalis

The entire chandbali shape is structured out of a beautiful design with the walls embedded its white kundan. The design also has white beads dropping from it with a ruby embedded over the entire earring with a stone drop at the bottom that uplifts the look by margins.

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