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Big Uncut Diamond Grand Chokers

Diamonds collections usually grab a lot of eyes because it's shiny and puts a different look altogether. They are known to pep up any outfit they are paired with. Now within diamond sets too, there is a variety that is available. There are flat diamond sets, cut diamonds, and uncut diamond. Uncut diamonds are mostly flat Polki diamonds that are embellished in the raw form to give the jewelry a bold and ethnic look. 

The collection presented here includes a variety of necklace sets all having uncut diamonds as their central element of design structure. The collection has grand choker sets boasting the polki work as common craftsmanship spreading across all the designs. It includes designs you have never seen before and so unique that you ought to think about having one in your wardrobe.

Big Uncut Diamond Grand Chokers

This magnificent choker piece is a great combination of big uncut diamonds, big south sea pearls, and emerald stones. The band choker has a mix of diamond embellishment interlinked with each other going around the choker. Each of the big uncut diamond pieces is bordered with diamond embellishments. Green beaded stone is augmented in the top layer of the choker. What is different about this choker is that it is completely crafted with diamonds with additional elements like the emeralds and south sea pearls hanging from the bottom creating a contrast. The earrings are also diamond jhumka beautifully carved from flat uncut diamonds. 

Big Uncut Diamond Grand Chokers

The specifics of this emerald necklace is the gold layout with different shades of green beads. The band layer has flat diamonds and Polki diamond layered in the band. The necklace also has emerald drops in one of the layers. Overall the Kundan feel has a very classic antique look to it. The amalgamating pendant design at the top layer where two peacock meet and a droplet-shaped design falls at the center looks quite unique and elegant.

The unique idea of this pair-up is the choker looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The necklace is an amalgamation of uncut diamond set up with green cylindrical beads hanging from the bottom. Followed by diamonds put in a collage layout that enhance the entire look of the choker piece. The earrings also drop ones that complement with the choker necklace. 

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