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Flat diamond rich looking studs

From centuries, women adorn jewelry to accentuate their look and to portray a style unique of its own. Since jewelry has been such an integral part of a woman's wardrobe, like other facets, it also has been seeing developments and up-gradation of trends all these ears. 

Though trends have been changing over the years the basic element of the trend remains the same. For example, the studs are a kind of earrings that have been existing over many many ears but the design patterns and the materials used to design them is what makes it to the latest trend. 

This collection is also about some rich looking studs all based in flat diamonds with a hint of emerald stone in their design element. 

Flat diamond rich looking studs

One of the hottest designs that have been prevalent over the years and what ladies absolutely love is the florals. Floral is a pattern that is so common yet so preferable in jewelry that you opt for it and there are thousands of choices in that design. 

These floral studs have a diamond embellishments in the petal structure whereas the center of the bud has an emerald stone shining through the piece. The earring has a shading of color from emerald to diamonds which looks quite unique and classy.   

Flat diamond rich looking studs

Moving on to the second in the collection of diamond studs, are these huge ones that also sort of having a floral shape but is studded with mostly diamonds of different shapes and varieties with a hint of green. The involvement of green just adds a different dimension to these earring sets. 

The studs have a decent design with a huge diamond rock at the center surrounded by a green lining of beads, followed by an assembly of cut diamonds spread over in a circle. What adds rawness to these studs are the studded unstructured polki diamonds at the outer rim of the studs which looks really pretty and elegant. 

Flat diamond rich looking studs

As you already know we have a habit of saving the best for the last, continuing with the trend are these beautifully put set of big studs with diamonds as the highlighting element. Following the pattern of the collection, these studs also have a floral outlay but the designs are really intricate and stand out from the rest of the collection. 

The embedded diamond stone in a mold of gold at the center with double-layered diamond petals at the border is what defines the craftsmanship effort of these earrings. The slight incorporation of emeralds through small stones spread all over the stud also adds a touch of elegance. 

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