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Lakshmi Pendants with Chains in Black Finish

The jewelry industry has seen changes in styles over the years and has been celebrating the latest trends with open arms. But what is fascinating about it is that with the acceptance of the newer trends it has also not forgotten about the styles existing since ages. The traditional jewelry style is still widely accepted just as the modern inclusion of jewelry.

Let's talk about what fusion work is for people who are new to this concept. It is basically a merger of the classic designs prevalent of the age with contemporary styles that have been running through ages. These designs are quite favorable these days since a lot of people love to have a mix of modern blend with traditional jewelry.

Already given as a hint, the collection today favors more towards the traditional style with Lakshmi Pendants with Chains in Black Finish as a part of the jewelry styles on display here. Let's have a look at these necklaces one by one.

Lakshmi Pendants with Chains in Black Finish
The two designs published over here have a mixture of gold and brassy feel to it. The two-toned color pattern has a very vintage vibe to it. Also, it has a Nakshi necklace while both the pieces have a very antique look yet they are very appealing to the eyes. 

The first necklace can be paired up with a variety of outfits, like a saree of different materials or can also go really well with a lehenga choli especially if it is in silk the Laksmi pendant necklace will highlight your style and accentuate the beauty of your entire look. 

The entire necklace is in gold with gold beads hanging at the bottom of the pendant. The necklace has leafy structures with diamonds embedded to add a little shine. 
Lakshmi Pendants with Chains in Black Finish

The second design in this Laksmi pendant collection in the picture above is long haar with broad god miniature having a mold of ruby beads. The make of the entire thing is purely in gold with a design structure filled with nakshi or carving work all around it. The entire creative running around the design reminds a lot about the painting or carving structures found in monumental caves and temples that are rooted back to centuries. 

The chain is a multilayered one with golden beads strung within each other adjoining to gold motifs. The center pendant has been separated into two layers, one is the Lakshmi pendant totally in gold giving a brass feel with a border around it in a mixture of pink and green beads with studded diamonds. 

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