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Brides in Traditional Heavy Jewellery

A wedding is the most important day for a woman who is ought to feel special on this big day of hers. Especially in the case of Indian weddings, the kind of pomp and joy we see around the event of a marriage, we rarely see so many colors and a vibrant look out there in any other country.

Just a sneak peek of it is evident from today's post. The post is all about brides all decked up in their outfits with the best kind of traditional heavy jewelry adorned on them. The collection here involves more of south Indian jewelry designs that showcase the variety and exemplary long chain designs. The best part is that there are no models but they are actual brides showcasing the collection worn by them on their big day. 

Brides in Traditional Heavy Jewellery

The first one is a multiple layer set put together to accentuate the look and make it more traditional. IT involves a choker necklace and an extremely long chain all carved out of 24-carat gold. The kind of finish it gives through the entire gold make is very adorning and perfect to wear for a traditional south Indian wedding. 

The necklace has a long string of gold with a huge pendant at the center. It is complemented with gold long earrings. The look also incorporates a broad waistband with pure goldwork. 

Brides in Traditional Heavy Jewellery

The pair-up of this set is so unique in taste that it has various contrasting designs amalgamated into one which magically works when put together and does not feel off. The choker necklace incorporates a heavy Kundan work with drop golden beads. The longer necklace is a lavangam styled mala with a god miniature pendant at the center. The drop jhumkas are in extreme contrast with the designs yet it goes perfectly with the entire set up put together. The jhumkas are huge and contrasted a bit with red beads and rice beads as dropdowns. The heavy look is completed with a sleek mang tikka ending in golden beads that add a different dimension to the entire look. 

Brides in Traditional Heavy Jewellery

The last on the list is a beautiful color template of yellow and white which is a common south Indian bridal tone. The bride has contrasted her outfit with beautiful jewelry also in the same tone. It has a diamond embedded choker necklace with a gold template long-chain following the band of white and yellow. The diamond necklace has emeralds studded at the center while the gold chain has white pearls dropping through the entire circle of the necklace. 

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