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Latest collection from Mangatrai Neeraj

Today we have got a varied collection of jewels all listed together to offer you a wholesome variety to pick from for your next occasion. Especially, if you are someone looking to assimilate your bridal jewelery sets then the necklaces in this collection will be something that you can package all your bridal functions with inorder to have a different look put together for each day. 

The collection is from Mangatrai Neeraj and has necklaces adorned with colorful precious jewels with different designs and lengths. It has polki necklces and beads jewelelry that is the latest ongoing trend among the women of today's era. 

Latest collection from Mangatrai Neeraj

The first one of the entire collection is this mid-long necklace with multiple layerings of chains all embedded in ruby beads interlinked with each other. The ruby beads are surrounded with fine cut diamond embellishments in an intricate setting to chalk out this simple and elegant look. 

In contrast to the entire set up of the multi layered chain setup settlles up with a pendant at the center with an emerald adorned as the center piece surrounded by beautiful layerings of diamonds. It also has drop down with jhumka setting gold designs with south sea pearls emerging out of it. 

Latest collection from Mangatrai Neeraj
The next addition to this colorful yet classy necklace collection is the coral themed beaded necklace. This is also defined by 3 layers with coral beads interlinked with each other joined with gold moulds as the top and the bottom most layer. The center layer is a diamond relay with rounded  patterns interlinked with each another all layered with diamonds. Between these pattens are south sea pearls interlinked within them to separate the coral theme and add another dynamic element to the necklace. It is a perfect wear to be paired up light colored cream color of pastel color outfits. 

Latest collection from Mangatrai Neeraj

The next in line is a beautiful polki necklace with multiple layering of dimaonds and south sea pearls that looks extravagant and really pretty. 
The diamond necklace is a unique pair up of huge uncut diamond stones embedded in a golden shaft. These pieces are uniquely interlinked with each other and look really ethnic at the same time modern with its feel. The specialty of this Polki Necklace piece is that it is lightweight and very simple in its form. The entire design is woven around the theme of rounded designs interlinked with each other with a center pendant and a drop pendant in a droplet-shaped.

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