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Peacock and Kasu Haram by Pinaki Jewellers

The jewelry trends are changing so quickly that women are appalled by the offerings these jewelry houses have with their variety of designs. But what is unique about this industry is that it never completely loses touch with the traditional design work or the make. 

The jewelry trends mai innovate with each passing day but the roots are very much attached with the work and designs that have been prevalent through years and years. 

Like, let's take an example of the south Indian cultural jewelry, the basis of the jewelry remains the same making the design work advanced to co-exist with today's styles. 

Today, the collection we are going to talk about is also around the fusion of kasu mala and nakshi with a modernized touch and feel. The designs are woven around Kundan work, long chains with peacock designs, etc. The collection is by Pinaki jewelers and has a variety of Peacock and Kasu Haram designs. 

Let's go straight into the designs one by one. 

Peacock and Kasu Haram by Pinaki Jewellers

The first necklace is a  gold-based emerald adorned haar with combination kante with kundan work peacock pendant surrounded by diamonds. The beautiful elegant piece has its own charm and won't miss a chance to mesmerize you with its unique cut design work and the classy design. 

The unique idea of this pair-up long haram looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The necklace is an amalgamation of golden bases set up with green emerald triangular stones mainly. Followed by the exquisite cut diamonds embellished on it with green beads hanging at the bottom of the pendant.

Peacock and Kasu Haram by Pinaki Jewellers

The next one is again a spread of pink rubies paired up with green beads and pearls as the central pendant with kasu mala to complement the overall theme of the color splash of this necklace. The necklace chain has a kasumala layout with gold rounded coins spraeded over the neck interlinked with each other.  The necklace converges into a huge kundan pendant embedded with pink beads in a floral artwork in the center.

This beautiful necklace stands out specifically due to its color pop. The bottom of the pendant also has a green bead drop that adds its own taste to this kundan necklace. 

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