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Polki and Diamond sets by Nikitha Linga

Polki and Diamond sets by Nikitha Linga

We constantly strive to put out a variety of jewelry out to entice different kinds of audiences. Even today, we have taken a break from the usual necklaces and earring collection and are showcasing some of the Exquisite Polki and diamond necklaces.

A collection of tremendous Polki sets are showcased here in bulk. It talks a lot about their style and preferences and will work wonders as bridal sets. The entire collection is presented by Nikitha Linga who has been constant on our website showcasing some exquisite collection to suit different styles.

The piece stands out in terms of the combination of diamond work and pair up with the stones. By looking at the piece you come to know of its uniqueness in regards to the make and design aesthetics. The flat diamond layering over the golden base is broken with a contrasting diamond and small green beads going around the piece. It is popular for the dynamic colors and layout it has. The most prominent of all the colors in the choker comes out from the coral beads hanging at the bottom of the entire necklace scape. 

Polki and Diamond sets by Nikitha Linga

The first one is an entire choker theme-driven necklace is a straight hard based piece covered as a landscape filled with intricate diamond detailing all over it. It balances the overpowering diamond scape with embellishments of emerald stones as hanging pendants from the bottom of the necklace. 

The detailing is so intricate and fresh and looks great with the entire hanging drops. The emerald stone at the center of the drop pendant is bordered by flat diamond pieces and with south sea pearl beads at the end add charm to the piece. It also has a ruby pendant at the center that stands out of the necklace design.

Polki and Diamond sets by Nikitha Linga

The basic theme of the entire set is a fusion of green emeralds and diamond embellishments in polki settings. The emerald necklace has a choker band around the neck with intricate net detailing of diamonds with green emeralds carefully placed between them. From this band, there are attached dropdowns of pearls with hanging jhumka style layers of diamonds beads. The green beads are also designed and combined with various color schemes and patterns to create that ethnic effect yet construing to the current theme. The center of the choker has a green emerald jaded at the center.

The color splash in this design theme is mesmerizing and very appealing. There is basically a single color bead that forms the entire chain in the repetition of settings. 

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