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South Indian Brides Heavy Temple Jewellery

The pretty brides and their pretty vibes- aren't weddings just all about that? What is more amazing about this is the colorful splash you see at weddings in terms of color, aura or the entire set up. Color is also a prominent phenomenon with a bride's trousseau too. Colorful matching outfits with a beautiful piece of jewelry is what is all about weddings.

But the most important is definitely jewelry. Because that is what brings the entire grace out of the outfit. You really don't want to go wrong with that because this is what packages the entire look in place.

Here is a collection of South Indian Brides in their Heavy Temple Jewellery. 
South Indian Brides Heavy Temple Jewellery

The gold beads embedded mango necklace has very temple jewelry feel to it mostly because of its hard design structure. It is an entire scape of gold with beautiful patterns in multiple layers over it studded with flat diamonds and hints of color from ruby stone and green emerald, hanging from the bottom of the choker are golden beads which a different dimension to the set. The set has a three-layered necklace interlinked with each other. The topmost one is the hardened choker with a gold scape entirely which changes from the mid and long length necklace. The pair up is beautiful and good for people looking to put up heavy flamboyant looks together. 

South Indian Brides Heavy Temple Jewellery

The bride has a layering of necklaces starting from choker that extends up to the waist. All are great examples of fine ethnic jewelry involving a honeycomb structure of diamond embellishments all over. The unique quality of this type of jewelry is that it gives a very raw feel in terms of the final look because of the metallic brassy finish given to the piece. Mango necklace as this kind of design stands as a part of the necklace design whereas Goddess Laxmi is carved in the pendant. The theme of the necklace is pure gold with hints of color in the form of pink ruby beads on the choker. Along with that, rounded golden beads are a part of the heavy look of these multi-layer sets.

South Indian Brides Heavy Temple Jewellery

The collection involves only long-chain patternised jewelry in different traditional and cultural setup. The long-chain is an entire set paired up with earrings. It is an amalgamation of 22-carat gold with the traditional south Indian style of work. The line up of patterns is very ethnic and are purely in gold and diamond with a slight hint of green emerald laid over. The golden layout it has has a gold finish to it and thus makes it look very vintage and something belonging to the history. It has a mango mala design which is quite unique to relate to antique design aesthetics. At the bottom of the pendant, we have gold carved floral hanging dropdowns.

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