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Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry

Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry

Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry

Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry

Nakshi long chain, Nakshi necklace, Traditional Jewelry, Beads jewellery

If you are looking for Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry all over the internet yet have not came across something amazing, the wait is over. We have with us some great Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry designs that you need to check out in case you plan to wear such necklaces and long chains in your casual avatar or on occasional sarees. , you need to check out the following Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry here!

The first Design you can see in the first picture above is a beautiful Nakshi Necklace crafted in the most ethnic  manner. The overall broad designed necklace is a fusion of Peacock designed gold design with multiple stones including emerald, polki and ruby. The presence of different stones make it look like the traditional Ethnic Fusion Work Jewelry.  With the peacock designed broad neck choker, there also hangs the central pendant further  making it look more beautiful.

The second design here is similar to the first one but with a different variation for the people of its own choice. The necklace is basically a long chain that start with multiple colored stones in the beads that have the necklace its required length in the beginning, The sequence of Emerald stone with Ruby and pearl with a round small gold ball looks extremely cool at both sides of the necklace.

The third design is more of a mix and match of the first two designs. The traditional necklace starts with ethnic fusion worked gold balls at both sides of the necklace then the central piece of Nakshi Ethnic Fusion necklace. The U-Shaped central gold work of Ethnic Fusion is further attached with a matching pendant in the center.

You should also See more similar and new designs here and keep yourself updated!

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