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Polki Stones Tussi Necklaces

Although there is a huge and vast variety of Polki Stones Tussi Necklaces all available on different outlets, here is absolutely no replacement for the beautiful pretty stones necklaces when it comes to Polki collection.

We have with us some really cool designs for polki stones necklaces that you would love to wear on your special occasions whether it be your wedding, your friend's wedding, your official evening party night or simply a family dinner.

The first design shows a very beautiful polki stone necklace that is neck choker and is as simple as possible. it only has the gold bricks attached around the neck along which hang small gold balls giving it an antique design along with simplicity.

The second necklace shows the neck choker which has three layers of same polki stones attached in a zigzag manner. The necklace has black borders on the top and below while there hang same size gold balls at the border of the necklace.

It is really a good choice for you if you were looking for something very decent for a party upcoming!

In the last picture you can see a complete polki stone necklace that comes with the matching earrings. 

As you can see in that the necklace is a round choker having two beautiful star bunches at the start of the necklace having different stone work done on both of the bunches. Then there comes the central pendant with Central pendant in between. Lastly the voters are made up of gold balls.

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