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Antique Long Chains with Kundan Pendants

Wedding is an essential part of any girl’s life. She schemes about her wedding day from quite early age. Planning from wearing which kind of wedding dress to the bridal jewellery.

We have the largestIindian jewellery designs, available for any event or occasion of your life. Our jewellery designers are our valuable asset. They always comes up with unique designs, for any kind of jewellery.

Today we are presenting you this antique long chains with kundan pendants. These long chains with kundan pendants are great for bride girls for their special day.

Constructional Analysis Of Antique Long Chains With Kundan Pendants

When analyzing the first image, we got some fundamental points which are mentioned below;

• The long chains of this kundan pendant are purposely made in “U” shape.
• This kundan pendant is made up of many sections.
• The left and right sections are equally beautiful aligned. The upper part of this kundan pendant   fancy design with a gem in center
• Scores of tiny gold balls in the chains of this kundan pendant gives it a vintage look.
• Finally it connects to the closely aligned thin strings of gold.

Points of details regarding the second image are mentioned below;

• This kundan pendants with antique long chains looks like a royal trinkets.
• It has two section, with very captivating appearance.
• The upper section of this kundan pendant is round shaped. It has a border of tiny gold balls attached to each other. Inside, there are multiple tiny round shaped gold with a gem in its center.
• The lower section have long chains, attached to the upper section. These chains are made up of gold, hanging down in the most delightful way.

By carefully analyzing the third image, we got the following points;

• This kundan pendant is quite heavy. The design’s technique of this beauty is matchless.
• It has many sections. The focal point of this pendant is its lowest section.
• The border of this pendant is made up of tiny and medium sized round gold balls.
• The upper part has tiny round gold balls clung to each other in an imposing way.
• The lower section has engraved designs in it. Which has a big pearl in its bottom.

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