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Attractive Pachi Work Peacock Lockets

Attractive Pacha Work Peacock pendants

“pachi” is considered as a precious metal. This metal is mostly used in the making of pendants and necklaces. The existence of pachi, especially in bridal jewelleries, in the history of Indian jewellery is quite old.

As we know “peacock”, is a sign of royalty and beauty. By naming this pendant “pachi peacock pendant” it has a perfect blend of prestigious, royalty and distinguished beauty.

Constructional Analysis Of Pachi Peacock Pendants

Analyzing the first pachi peacock pendant from the left;

 This pachi peacock pendant is unique in its design and forge. It has many sections.
The first section has diamonds and gems, exclusively and artistically placed in multi dimensional curves.
 Its central section has a big crescent of gold which is placed horizontally.
The lower section covers the biggest part of this masterpiece. It has many pearls, gems and diamonds with multiple curves. 

Analyzing the second pachi peacock pendant from the left;

The second pachi peacock pendant has many tiny diamonds in it, which are aligned in such a way that it looks like flower in the midst of it.
The surroundings of the gem, which is the central part of pendant, is coated by many tiny diamonds with a beguiling formation.
The lower part has many gold balls which are hanging down freely.

Analyzing the third pachi peacock pendant from the left;

This pendant has very rich design as compared to former pendants as described above.
It has three sections. The upper section has a gem inside an oval shape. Fencing by many tiny diamonds.
The distinct middle section of this pendant makes it different to other pachi peacock pendants.
The bottom section has a gem in the center, with many tiny diamonds covering around gem’s premises. Layers of gold, diamonds and pearls further enhance the beauty of this pendant.

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