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Black Finish Nakshi Pendant Sets

Designer Black Finish Nakshi Pendant Sets

Jewellery is an essential part of any woman’s life. Besides utilizing it as a beauty enhancer, sometimes it is delivered to generation after generation as the symbol of traditions.

Now, continuing the bequest of delivering attractive jewellery, we are presenting you, the highly traditional black finish nakshi pendant sets.

These black finish nakshi pendant sets, which are made in 22 carats of gold are heavy made, having an exceptional decorous appearance.

Designer Black Finish Nakshi Pendant Set

Constructional Analysis Of Black Finish Nakshi Pendant Sets

The left image displays a royal looking yet alluring pendant set.

The pendant Itself looks very unique and two steps, the upper portion has a half cross, which have Moissanite stones on its upper part and pearls on its far left and right middle part.

The lower section is its real beauty. It has a bird shape which beautifully mingles with diamonds in an artistic way. In the center of this pendant diamonds fences the gem. It has falling pearls to the bottom of it.

The pendant set which is in the second image, is quite similar to the previous one.

It has three sections unlike former pendant set. The top piece has a crown made of gold, which have flat diamonds in it. There is an engraved design made of gold, below this crown.

The middle section is the largest part of this pendant set. It has peacock shapes on either sides. The center of which is embellished by diamonds and rubies, emeralds.

The bottom section has beautiful dome of gold with pearls hanging down stunning.

Our Third pendant set is quite heavy like the other two pendant sets.

The beautiful use of south sea pearls, gems and diamonds in this pendant set with such a good technique, astonishes the beholder.

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