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Trendy Chandbalis by JCS Jewel Creations

Trendy Chandbalis by JCS Jewel Creations

Chandbalis are Rajasthan’s ages old traditional jewellery. It has been wore by elite women as well as other respected and dignified women of India.

This kind of jewellery has been always made in crescent like shape as its name's meaning goes like this “chand” which means moon or crescent and “balis” means earrings.

JCS Jewel Creations know how to mold these traditional chandbalis into paragon.

This time we are presenting you, from the supreme collection of JCS Jewel Creations’ jewelleries, these three modish chandbalis.

Constructional Analysis Of Chandbalis by JCS Jewel Creations

The first chandbalis have two sections in total, which are connected to each other modestly.

The upper section have a curved leaf like shape which has many tiny gems inside.

The bottom section is completely made in moon shape, which have typical engravings in it. As the trend goes, the lower part has been decorated by many small hanging gold balls, which are bunched symmetrically.

The second designer chandbalis are quite different from the previous one.

It has three sections, the upper section has “n” shape, which is made up of gold. With diamonds hanging down freely.

The middle section has moon shape filled up with tiny diamonds.

The wonderful use of diamonds and pearls in the lower section, defines the creativity of these designer jewelers.

The third image shows us the charming yet trendy chandbalis. With having three divisions, it completely astonishes the visualizer at the first glance.

These stunning chandbalis are great example of the creativity of this designer jeweller.

Check out this Fabulous Chandbalis By JCS Jewellers here!

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