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Diamond Nakshi Jhumkas by JCS Jewel Creations

Diamond Nakshi Jhumkas by JCS Jewel Creations

J.C.S. Jewel Creation's is a Chennai based designer jeweler. They can make any kind of jewellery, but with their divergent techniques and designs, their jewelley always exceptional.

Now, we are presenting you these three diamond nakshi jhumkas from the mighty collection of JCS jewel creations.

These diamond nakshi jhumkas are well made in 22 carats of gold which has a legendary beauty.

Constructional Analysis Of Diamond Nakshi Jhumkas By JCS Jewel Creations

If we closely analyze the first from the left diamond nakshi jhumkas, we see the significant amount of prolific work.

With containing three sections in whole, the upper portion is the center of its beauty. It has multiple diamonds beautifully arranged together. Its frontier is made up of gold. Its fence has many curves, which looks delicate to the one who see it.

The middle piece of this jhumka is like two branches, expanding to its left and right with designs engraved in it.

The bottom part is quite rich in display and has an exemplary creation.

The gold work on the second diamond nakshi jhumkas has been done artistically.

It has two elements collectively. The upper section of this jhumka is like a breaching dolphin.  It has a tiny gem at the bottom.

The bottom section has a shape of Bubble Umbrella, which has falling golds in its endings.

The third diamond nakshi jhumka says it all. The design, the work of diamonds in it, with its unique flair, is nothing less than gorgeous.

This masterpiece has two sections. The upper section has a crown of gem surrounding by bunch of curved tiny diamonds in leaf shape.

Just below this crown, it has diamond work, which resembles the half mask style.

The bottom section has many beautiful leaf like structure of diamonds with border of gold. This section has a big pearl attached to it, which hangs down elegantly.

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