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Emerald Drops Kundan Sets by Amarsons Jewels

Emerald Drops Kundan Sets by Amarsons Jewels

Elegance is not defined by a lot of expensive materials put together for a design but its the aesthetic and the combinations that talks a lot about a jewellery piece other than what has gone into it while making it. This is the simple reason why most of the women choose simple yet effective designs over fancy stuffing any day.

The Amarsons jewels collection presented here has combinations that run over each of these pieces. But what is extraordinary about it is the difference in aesthetics used to create unique outputs out of the same theme.

Emerald Drops Kundan Sets by Amarsons Jewels

The combination of emerald and rubies are worked together in a kundan layout. The broad choker has a wide layout of kundan work with embedded rubies. The approach is quite strong to put together this design which says a lot about the craftsmanship. The curvy structures blended with rubies are together attached to in a broad layout. The pink theme is complemented with an emerald in the center. What balances out the greens and pink are the green hanging beads used to create that contrast.

Although, the green and pink color combination is a common theme in all the designs. What separates each of them is the varied kind of ways worked around the same theme.

Emerald Drops Kundan Sets by Amarsons Jewels

Like the second one has an entire band layout around the neck covered up with rubies with greens on either side. The topmost layer has green beads standing intact and straight. While the look is completed with multiple layering of green beads beneath it.

The choker will go amazingly well with an off-shoulder blouse against a lehenga skirt or a saree. It will give definition to your collar bones.

Emerald Drops Kundan Sets by Amarsons Jewels

The next one follows a similar pattern, with all the broad straight up band-like design structure. However, what distinguishes it from the above is the big craftwork displayed in comparison to the piece above. It has a combination of pink rubies and green emerald embellishments. At the bottom, you have a beaded hanging layer of rubies beneath which lies a layer of green beads.

If you like more of a spread necklace design over a bandh gala choker, this is what it is. The designs are more towards thick gold palette layered with rubies and green beads dropdowns. The gold, the diamond, and the white beads are contrasted well with the green and pink theme brought by the rubies and the emeralds. 

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