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Bridal Guttapusalu Necklaces

Before we move ahead to present what's there in the title, let us explain to you what a Guttapusalu is- 

The word is although derived from the Telugu language and is a very famous kind of jewellery popularly accepted in the south of India. Although, we have also spotted a lot of celebrities bringing it into today's trend. Like Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing a Guttapusalu with one of her wedding outfits. 

It basically has a varied combination of beads in different colors paired up with emeralds rubies or diamonds. The designs come in different lengths of necklaces. However here the necklaces are a mash-up of beads and some kundan or nakshi work. 

Bridal Guttapusalu Necklaces

Every piece has a ruling theme paired up with alternative patterns to go with it. By looking at the piece above you might have guessed the highlighting resource is the white beads complemented by a layer of pearly whites. The white stands out in this necklace. However, before it brings down the gloss from the piece, the green emeralds are added thoughtfully to have a combination of bright and lighter color tones. 

The piece has a very antique feel to it and will look extremely nice with a heavy lehenga. The bride will rock the look if she is looking to have a merger of vintage and modern theme. 

Bridal Guttapusalu Necklaces

Next in line, we again have a choker design, not very broad yet not very single layered. The choker runs sturdily around the neck with its hardcore design layout. The choker is extended to make it look a little heavy by adding layers of the pendant in the same pattern how grapes are organized. 

Completing the guttapusalu necklace is its mascot- the white beads. A very basic design, not very fancy yet not very intricate but has a tendency to make any outfit stand out with it.

Bridal Guttapusalu Necklaces

If you are someone- who not looks for something broad- not very heavy- yet is so stylish that it will grab out the attention if kept in a room. The reason for this is not just the design but also the combination of green emerald, rubies, golden beads, and pearls. It is also on the lines of temple jewellery since it has small gold miniatures. 

What changes the dynamics of this necklace drastically keeping the trend alive the hanging jhumka as the pendant.  

For a bride, it is a very important decision to make since it will have a very high impact on her final look - thus, if you want to take our suggestion- chuck out the shiny diamond studded sets with more of traditional guutapusalu or kundan. 

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