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Exclusive Diamond Beads Sets by Ananth Diamonds

One thing which you shouldn't think twice before buying is jewellery. It is a product that you will cherish your entire life. It optimizes your look within seconds and it is also something that stays forever. All in all, it sounds a good investment! More than the investment jewels are a woman's pride. It is known to accentuate a woman's beauty by folds. 

Although, each of them has a different taste. Some like a color pop in their jewellery whereas some are the hands-down shiny diamond fans. Diamonds are known to appeal a decent percentage of the population. One of the reasons is that the glitzy finish that diamond gives is liked for the rich look it can provide to an outfit.  

A place that can cater to different needs and preference, Ananth Diamonds, is showcasing their multi-verse collection of diamond jewellery with this post. The highlight of this collection are diamonds paired with color popping stones. There is a mixture of elegance and fun which is a very unique combination. 

Exclusive Diamond Beads Sets by Ananth Diamonds

The huge peacock diamond choker 

If you stared straight for seconds at the designs then you sure have fallen in love with it already. The aesthetic of this necklace is so pretty and pleasing. The diamonds add the charm to this beauty. The two peacocks are surrounded by such intricate design layout that it is sure to mesmerize your senses. As if the small diamonds weren't enough, the two big stones- the red ruby and green emerald multiply the regal quotient of this piece. 

Exclusive Diamond Beads Sets by Ananth Diamonds

Navratna beads haram with diamonds 

Navratna haar with beads has a good vibe to it and recommended by a lot of gemstone specialists. This haar has a color scape comprising of various vibrant colors. What regains the subtlety of this necklace is the diamond and white moti layout around it. The two pop up pendants add versatility to this otherwise patterned neck piece. 

Exclusive Diamond Beads Sets by Ananth Diamonds

Red Coral diamond haram 

Sleek, charming and true to its style- This is the simplest yet most impactful way one can define this piece. It can be used as regular wear over fancy kurtas or even ethnic western styles. The diamonds deliver the richness while the Red coral and blue beads add the jazzy factor to this design. 

If you loved this diamond collection from them, then don't forget to check out some more stuff from Ananth diamonds on the website. 

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