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Heavy Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

Dear, Choker fanatics. If you are tired looking around at the same kind of traditional chokers and are looking to explore more in terms of designs and exclusivity, this post is just for you. And for all the others who are looking to add a choker piece to their wardrobe. 

The collection is brought to you by Premraj Jewelers and it swears by the work of art displayed over here. It celebrates colors, tones and various artistic forms of jewels prevalent since the ancient time. 

Heavy Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

It is so Padmavat, Jodha Akbar styled choker, by the best we are inspired by Bollywood. It is a tight cuff around the neck thus, stands just above your collar bone. Bordered with double layered golden moti with bullet-like diamond studs blooming like flowers around the central pendant. The central pendant is bright pink and the design is like a rangoli formation with a green emerald studded in the center. It will go great with a saree teamed up with a broad neck blouse leaving room for the choker to work its magic. 

Heavy Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

Chokers usually go really well on bodies with longer necks. Especially for the design above, since the layering is thick and thus the choker takes up enough room on your neck. The choker has a meenakari work with nakshi work and some diamond augmentation and green beaded latkans. It is sort of a design extension of the earlier one. Though the central pattern of the theme is quite similar of the two yet it differentiates from each other so well. Like it is said that Kundan work can never go wrong, this design boasts of that. 

Heavy Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

If you notice, you will observe a gradual increase in the latkan density and decrease in the choker cuff from the above designs. This one has a slimmer choker pattern with mostly jadau work over it. The entire work is distributed with different colored stones. The hanging jhumkas are created with a mix of white moti and green while white remains at the center packaged by green on either side. This multicolor necklace can go with any of the outfits and you do not need to worry about being color specific. 

Each piece is a visual display that surprises you with its workmanship and the imagination woven magically into a product. It is not just a piece of jewellery but the emotion goes way deeper to elaborate on the royal feel it oozes out of its designs. 

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