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Exquisite Choker pieces from Kalasha Jewellers

Choker necklaces are a throwback to the Victorian Era, where the Royals sported choker pieces as
statement jewelry. So, if you think the choker is the style of the era and taking the ladies by storm then
you are so wrong- It is existent from a thousand years. In today's time, if not mistaken, the choker
necklaces started as a rage from the western accessories. It slowly made a turn back to the Indian
heavy sets. Now, the best of the designers boast their ethnicity by offering some fine choker pieces The
renaissance of the chokers is being celebrated by the Indian designer by playing it meekly with the
diamonds, pearls, emeralds and likewise stones. Once the amalgamation of these stones sticks tight to
the neck it gives a new dimension to one's look. One of the examples stating the above statement true
are these beautiful augmented pieces from the boutique of Kalasha jewelers. Displayed here, are these
models sporting 3 different sets of choker neckpiece. Each has a look and feel different from the other
and unique to the least.

Exquisite Choker pieces from Kalasha Jewellers
The first one in the order is a mix of elegance with some ethnic splash. The studded green emeralds
popping out in a layout blended with pearls and diamonds is sure to give you a royal feel.
The hint of color amidst the sparkle and sheen is a must for the wedding season. You can pair it with a
saree or a lehenga. The long drop earrings and the dropping design from the neck make it minimalist
yet classy.

Exquisite Choker pieces from Kalasha Jewellers

To go for a much simple yet elegant feel, the bijou design has a certain maharaja feel from the desert
lands of India. It has a small spread but it is a straight intact design with rain droplet like pearls emerging
out of the conical embellishments.

Can we now please flash some light on the third piece already. It-is-nothing-less-than-amazing.

Exquisite Choker pieces from Kalasha Jewellers
The impressive merger of a choker and drop necklace is a pretty impressive design that comes from
Kalasha jeweler's collection. It comes as an entire set paired up with kangans, earrings, and a ring. Its
an intricate layout with sleek flowers bound together. The highlight of the entire set is those minimal red
emeralds flashing out in and about their requirement. With it, there is lavish choker necklace with a
weaved in pattern and pretty swans augmented on it. The red emerald theme continues here with just
one single stone uplifting the look in amounts.

It is not easy to find just the right pair of choker necklace that has a mix of elegance and highlight
your neck in just the right mix. These are the some that make you fall in love with the brilliance and
intricacy of the designs.

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