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Exclusive Temple sets by Krishna Jewellers

Jewellery celebrates their 5000 years of existence. It has been reigning since the time mankind arrived, though the forms and kinds of jewellery have evolved and changed a lot. With so many years to its credit, it is definite that there have been a lot of exploration and discoveries in terms of creativity and aesthetics. Therefore, today we have numerous kinds of jewellery today. Some that we are not even aware of. 

One of the reasons for unawareness is also the changing trends and accordingly what is given to us. Today, we have some amazing pieces of temple jewellery showcased here. This collection comes from the boutique of Krishna Jewellers. 

Temple jewellery is known to exist since ages, it was basically defined as the one that is put to god and goddesses inside a temple. From there it evolved into designs that women wore with much pride. The designs are basically curated around the miniatures of god and goddesses. 

Exclusive Temple sets by Krishna Jewellers

The above statement piece is popularly called as kundan work. Basis of it being Kundan, we also see small picturizations of Lord Krishna furnished over it. There is a pink color theme provided to the necklace using the beads. Along with that, the necklace gets its ethnic look from the white and brass colored rounded beads hanging through it. It is locked by a thread pull-out system to adjust the necklace on the neck. 

Exclusive Temple sets by Krishna Jewellers

The unique quality of this type of jewellery is that it gives a very raw feel in terms of the final look because of the metallic brassy finish given to the piece. Lord Vishnu stands as a part of the necklace design whereas Goddess Laxmi is carved in the pendant. The theme of the necklace is pure gold with hints of color in the form of pink rubies. Along with that, rounded beads in white and green are also attached to it. 

Exclusive Temple sets by Krishna Jewellers
This one in comparison to the above two is much more on the subtle side with green being the central theme of the otherwise gold diverse pendant. The green beads add the color splash onto the piece. The white south sea pearls attached to the bottom of the pendant also adds a lot of variety to the design in whole. This kind of work is called the kante pattern, that has been accentuated with flat uncut diamonds. 

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