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Flat Diamond Necklaces by Balaji Jewellers

Flat Diamond Necklaces by Balaji Jewellers

We are back, yet another time, to introduce you to some selective picks, that you are ought to fell in love with. The pieces that we are going to discuss in details are not the usual ones and are very unique in terms of their design and make. All the pieces are from Balaji Jewellers. 

To begin with, we have a beautiful necklace that is a set up of a various combination of colors used together. It is a very simple design with not much heavy work but definitely boasts simplicity at its best. A single layer of the chain is accentuated with interlinks made with gold and flat diamond stones. Two bigger diamonds are segregated by two smaller ones in a cross pendant feel. What is lovely about this design is that it has a certain tribal theme of spokes structure, but instead of spokes on either side of the chain there are designs joined together. On one end we have straight-up pearls aligned with the chain in a U-shaped pattern.

The minimal pearl studs are contrasted on the other end by bigger floral structures. The floral drops have different stones in an alternate pattern. The three stones used in alternatives are the diamond, rubies and the green emerald.

Flat Diamond Necklaces by Balaji Jewellers

The gold is carved into beautiful designs that resemble plant creepers which is essentially the theme of this necklace. It gives you a vibe of creepers flowing smoothly and has flowers blooming on it. It has diamonds studded on it with rubies embedded in the floral design. The peacock pendant has the charm of its own with green emerald right at the center. It is bordered with south sea pearls.

Flat Diamond Necklaces by Balaji Jewellers

This one is a choker necklace, wherein precious stones like- diamonds, rubies, green beads, and rice pearls have been used in a unique combination together. It is very stylish in the layout it is carved in with a hint of ethnic vibe. The golden coin drops look really fresh between all the studded diamonds. What else works really well in this design are the hanging rice pearls used in the bottom. 

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