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Emerald Necklaces by Moksha Diamonds

Ladies! Let's celebrate the green emeralds today with this post. Since there is a divide between ruby lovers and green emerald lovers, at the time to make a choice, you sure are to get confused about what to take home. Most of the jewellery fanatics will definitely have more than one piece of emerald jewellery in their wardrobes.

The tone is very calming and goes around with different kinds of jewellery works. The best part of it is that with each look the emeralds give a whole new vibe and do not show any repetitiveness. They look unique in each of them and go really well with different looks.

In today's emerald display, we have some fine pieces from the boutique of Moksha Diamonds.

Emerald Necklaces by Moksha Diamonds

The necklace in the picture above is based on the green emerald theme as already mentioned. There are different layers of pattern going together in the entire creation that altogether has woven a magical piece. The necklace has a single layer filled with green emerald stones in a rectangular shape linked together. There is a drop pattern from this layer which is created through a carved design filled with cut diamonds. There is another layer above the main layer made up of cylindrical shaped green beads and pearls. 

Emerald Necklaces by Moksha Diamonds

Not-to-forget about the side pendants that add a bit of a perspective to the necklace with the peacock theme on it and layered with diamonds and a pink ruby.

This heavy choker necklace has huge green emerald stones on it. For ladies, who are in love with the entire green emerald line, this is definitely your dream piece. It is a very basic design yet stands out in the best way possible. The huge green emeralds are surrounded by small pearl which is also the pattern of its matching earring.

Emerald Necklaces by Moksha Diamonds

The last one needs no description. The more it is described, the impact will sink deeper. It has a beautiful Kundan work over it with multiple colored stones and beads- green emerald being the highlighting one. This kind of design is called the mango design-- for those who don't know. The chain is basically extended by a huge pendant with a peacock design on it. 

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