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Fusion Work Heavy Necklaces by SVTM Jewels

Today's trend in Jewellery is getting so repetitive and over-done that every other set has some or other similarity to a different one. It is getting really difficult for one to find a piece that is exquisite and different. Especially, the introduction of modern creative style of ethnic jewellery, though widely accepted, is getting a little over-hyped now. Very rarely a new collection from a boutique genuinely sees a distribution of variance. 

With this, the trend makers are also forgetting about the contemporary or traditional style of jewellery, that has remained relevant to only some part. In order to give life to the traditional style, the whole concept of fusion work has come up. And we, always work towards bringing in newer and variable trends for you to have a look. 

Thus, this time, we have a fusion work collection by SVTM Jewels, that has come up with something unique and best can be said different from what has now become very regular. 

Fusion Work  Heavy Necklaces by SVTM Jewels

Firstly, we have a beautiful long haram- The necklace vibes a lot to remind you of the rudraksha mala which is a sacred piece of chain in the Hindu religion. The entire structure of the long chain looks very similar to the beads used in a Rudraksha mala. 

Another reason of this similarity could be the color tone between them. The jewellery has a brass color to it mixed with some authentic gold tone. The pendant looks very royal and neat in the peacock design setting carved over it. 

Fusion Work  Heavy Necklaces by SVTM Jewels

The craftsmanship is really commendable that has given birth to this piece that celebrates contemporary aesthetics. 

The other two neckpieces displayed in this post is entirely subjected to a golden tone which is so shiny and bright that it can grab anybody's eyes on it. The first one in line is called as the Peacock hasil. It has a peacock design carved onto it with a pendant that has a layout of Lord Krishna on it. 

Fusion Work  Heavy Necklaces by SVTM Jewels

The other piece is in multiple layers scaped around the neck in golden beads interlinked with each other to form a fine layout converging into a pendant. The pendant again has two peacocks drawn on it with a chakra design in the center embedded with pink rubies. The piece has a Kundan work finish to it completed with a golden ball hanging through the pendant. 

If you wish to check some more pieces of jewellery in the fusion work you can check it out here.

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