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Simple Jewellery Sets by Naj Jewellery

Simple Jewellery Sets by Naj Jewellery

This jewellery line from Naj Jewellers showcased here are pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and the precious stones used to assemble such pieces of large scale imagination. The green emerald, pink rubies, pearls, and golden beads- all these elements are used so aesthetically together to carve out a masterpiece one would take pride to make it a part of its wardrobe. 

All three pieces in the discussion are so different from each other, standing tall in its uniqueness and setting the trend for the season. Let's look at these pieces one by one and put some spotlight on the workmanship. 

Simple Jewellery Sets by Naj Jewellery

The pendant is made entirely in diamond pieces embellished all over the design curated. The design incorporates two beautiful peacocks with an extended abstract design. The pink ruby sits at the center with pride and brings out the regality of this piece. The white pears hanging through the pendant also contribute equally to feature this necklace as a stunning example of exquisiteness. 

Moving forward, we have another design that breaks chains of the ordinance and introduces exclusivity in the form of its design and the usage of precious stones in them. Usually, the stones are used as embellishments on interlinking of either golden or another metal base. However here, we see very little gold, instead, we see the green emerald augmented in a design that forms the entire part of the necklace. 

Simple Jewellery Sets by Naj Jewellery

The emerald resembles the leaves in the most striking affair. Bordered by cut diamonds all over it and followed by a hanging single yet huge pearl right in the center as a pendant. The earnings are also designed to complement with the neckpiece. 

The last one again has a green emerald theme paired up with golden beads in multiple layers. It is a medium length necklace that has a charming green theme. With side motifs- in the form of big rectangular green emeralds, the necklace round is formed with green beads and golden beads. The emeralds emerge again at the bottom layer with yet another set of green beads. 

The necklace looks very exclusive in its make and is sure to stand out with any outfit you pair up with. 

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